Here are some photos of Matt from different occasions. Click on a title to see the full gallery. Please note that most of these photos are credited to their photographers and are not for unauthorized use.

  • Live At The Azure Cafe, 2010


    In 2010, Matt returned to the Azure Cafe in Freeport, Maine – the site of his live album in 2006. With a group of superb musicians in tow, it was yet another night for great music. Photos by Ross Elliot.

  • Retrospecticus - Portland's Party Band


    Formed originally as a one-off function band, Retrospecticus has become one of the most sought-after function bands in Southern Maine. Performing at weddings, corporate functions, and parties of all sizes, they are a group of professional musicians who are skilled and dedicated to their craft. These photos were taken from a show in Freeport, Maine in 2009.

  • Matt Fogg: Artist In Education


    Matt was honored to become the first ever Yamaha Artist in Education endorsee in 2007. At the time, he was teaching in Portland at Lyman Moore Middle School. Since then, his commitment to musical education has only deepened as he is the co-founder of the Midcoast School of Music, which has campuses in Bath and Portland, Maine.

  • Jaye Drew and A Moving Train


    Led by a soulful singer-songwriter, Jaye Drew and A Moving Train was something totally unexpected when the group debuted. Although they lasted only one album, it was a stunner. These photos were taken from a shoot and included members of the band. Photos by Matthew Robbins.

  • The Humble Farmer, Robert Skoglund


    Humble Robert Skoglund is a radio personality and public speaker who has been described as “the Garrison Keillor of Maine”. His weekly radio program, which can be heard on WMPG Portland, has been going strong for over 30 years. On July 1, 2006 Matt had the privilege to perform with The Humble Farmer at The Opera House at Boothbay Harbor for a night of music, wit, and fun. For more information on Robert Skoglund, visit his website at

  • Live At The Azure Cafe, 2006


    In 2006, a group of musicians assembled at the Azure Cafe lead by Matt and vocalist Nicole Hajj. The result would be a live album receiving rave reviews from local and national publications alike and surprising jazz afficianados everywhere. Photos by John Cooper.

  • Morgan Fogg & Grimmett


    These photos were taken from the shoot for the album This Is What You Want by Morgan Fogg & Grimmet in 2006. The project was a collaboration between Matt Fogg, guitarist Scott Morgan, and vocalist Cherri Guadet-Grimmett.